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Sustainable Construction

Modular construction is increasingly recognised as having huge environmental benefits due to the increased focus on quality control in a factory environment.

Energy Efficiency

All of our buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment which guarantees the highest standard of airtightness and insulation. Our component design method is a ‘dry system’ i.e. it does not involve mixing cement or using bricks and mortar which leads to better airtightness as there is no drying out required. We are proud to say that our buildings offer an Air Tightness Rating of 1 as standard and we consistently achieve excellence in performance for U values, acoustics and fire safety.

Quality Control

As the manufacturing process takes place in a factory setting, the materials are protected against moisture and weather. Our strict quality control processes reduce the potential for variations and defects. All buildings can also be tested in advance acoustic and fire performance, durability and structural resilience.

Less Waste

Our lean manufacturing approach, coupled with our precision manufacturing method, means significantly less waste materials are generated. Recent studies have shown modular building processes can send up to 70% less waste to landfill when compared with traditional construction methods.

Shorter Construction Time

Our offsite construction method allows for up to 85% of the building to be completed and fitted out offsite, while the siteworks are taking place. This can reduce the overall programme delivery time by up to 50% and reduces the number of material deliveries to the site.

Least Possible Disruption

The shorter construction timeline has huge benefits for the local community. According to the Building Research Establishment, site deliveries and site traffic due to construction activities are also reduced by up to 70% relative to more traditional ways of building.  Our approach also means that buildings can be used faster giving a more rapid return on investment for the local community.

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