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Save time, costs and environmental impact

Streamlining the construction processes with off-site fabrication

Our Process

At each step of the process, we work collaboratively with you, keeping open clear lines of communication. Our tried and tested streamlined process, with 80-90% of construction in a controlled factory environment, saves significant time and cost, while creating robust structures of the highest quality. 



Design Intent

Our dedicated design team will collaborate with you to get a detailed brief and from there, develop it to a design using the most advanced building information modelling technology.


Detailed design & Value Engineering

We then move to the precise detail design phase, which involves translating the preliminary designs into detailed construction design. We refine the construction drawing, plan for the construction phase and calculate the best value for money outcome.




Full volumetric modules are assembled and fully fitted out to factory standard finishes. As 80-90% of a project is assembled in our state-of-the-art factory, with factory precision the models are assembled and getting ready for being delivered to site.



Our inhouse professional MY Construction site team then carry out the site construction phase, demolition, groundwork, foundations, incoming services, getting ready for modules to be assembled on site.


Assembly & Zip Up

The volumetric modules are transported to site, lifted into position, and assembled. They are secured and fixed, and our onsite team zip up the modules and carry out finishing touches.



We then carry out the final testing of fire alarms, sprinklers and other lifeline services. We provide a full handover, with training and a clear and concise Operations & Maintenance manual.

Time Saving Stages
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