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The future of construction is off-site fabrication

Projects complete to high specification up to 50% faster

Why Off-site Fabrication?


With materials and labour prices steadily becoming more expensive, and affordable housing requirements becoming more demanding, both on price and programme, changing to off-site fabrication is the only way to satisfy these constraints.

Off-site fabrication enables the streamlining of construction processes, minimising inefficiencies both on and off site.

Site deliveries, material wastage and the ineffective use of labour are all heavy contributors to the high cost of traditional construction.

These costs can be largely eradicated using off-site fabrication.

​Conditions on building sites often impact delivering projects on time, within budget and to the highest quality.  The off-site fabrication approach minimises these potential risk factors.

Benefits of Off-Site Fabrication


With the substantial part of the construction occurring in a controlled factory environment, quality is never compromised or over-looked.


With run different stages of construction simultaneously, rather than consecutively, which reduce the project duration significantly.  The result is a shorter construction time, with a substantial saving for our clients.

Cost Control

A controlled construction environment leads to complete transparency and control over all costs.

Programme Certainty

As 80-90% of a project is assembled in the factory, any delays can be mitigated without impact on timescales. The normal delays attributed to site access, local council restrictions and regulations, late deliveries, adverse weather conditions etc are now all out of the equation.

Prelim Savings

With minimised on-site periods, preliminary costs are considerably lower.

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