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Limitless design,

Endless possibilities

The Future Is Off-Site Fabrication


At MY Fab we use a controlled factory environment for manufacturing our modules, and this, along with our extreme attention to detail for quality and product assurance, allows us to save up to 50% on the duration of your project. In all projects, we guarantee a significant saving on costs, waste, and environmental impact. 


A Full Turn-Key Option For Your Projects 

Where others in our industry only manufacture modules, with the backing of our sister company MY Construction we provide the full service to make your project happen, from the planning phase through to the construction phase, with off-site fabrication and manufacturing, all the way through to handing over the keys. The combination of traditional construction values and expertise practiced by MY Construction, and the innovative off-site fabrication technology of MY Fab, means we offer solutions and products you can trust.


Product Assurance

All our fabrications are bespoke, with an endless range of dimensions, fit-out specifications, and façade types. Our off-site volumetric units are superbly engineered and precision manufactured from hot rolled structural steel for enhanced strength and robustness, similar to any steel framed traditional building.

Our British made and designed system fully complies and exceeds all European and British standards as well as the building regulations for fire resistance, acoustic performance, and thermal properties. This is supported by independent testing of the system by the British Research Establishment (BRE) 


Environmental Commitment

Our factory-controlled process generates less waste, creating fewer site disturbances and allowing for lean construction. We recycle materials and control inventory. Due to the modular structure being substantially completed in a factory-controlled setting using dry materials, we eliminate the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped in the new construction.

Benefits of Off-Site Fabrication

Off-site fabrication enables the streamlining of construction processes, minimising inefficiencies both on and off site. These costs can be largely eradicated using modular construction. Your next construction project could be an easier, faster, and far less costly experience with MY Fab's off-site fabrication. It’s possible - without any compromise on risk or quality. Our team has developed a revolutionary steel-framed fabrication system which allows for incredibly flexible design integration. We work with you from the initial design to the final touches to bring your visions to life.

Up to 70% shorter construction time

Environmental friendly 
and sustainable​



Attractive architectural 

Clean and quiet 
construction site

We guarantee adherence to the industry’s highest standards in quality and sustainability, with strict adherence to building regulations, health and safety, sustainability and quality. 



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